Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stress: The Good Side

A part of our everyday life. Stress can come in various ways, from the time we open our eyes to wake up and close them to go to sleep. Though the thoughts that plague our mind and keep us awake throughout the nights can be terrible and unbearable, Stress in its own way can also be very helpful. In a way we can never really notice things about a certain subject unless we spend time and stress over it. Lets say a student has a huge exam that he has to study for. Now the student has studied enough to pass, or at least he believes so. He then notices that other students who have taken this test have all performed pretty poorly. If the students doesn't wish to end up like the other students, he would stress over the subject and spend more time studying and making sure he/she knows everything there is to know about the subject. There is no comparison to the feeling of having accomplished a difficult task after investing your maximum effort to succeed. So the next time your stressing over something, try to figure out why your stressing so much, and how it could be beneficial to you.

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