Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21st Century: Square One Here I Come.

I'm still in the course of learning what it means to give 100%. Sometimes i feel like all my work is getting me nowhere, but quitting while i'm ahead would be the stupidest thing to do, to say the least. Swimming is unique. I feel like that thats something one would say to a wife of a fiancĂ©e, but thats what i feel swimming really is. Sure football practices are tough, but if your tired, it is possible to take a little slower on the football field. Water is not that forgiving. I'm sure more people have died within 100 meters of water than withing 100 yards of a football field. Swim practice has been pretty tough for the past week. Part of my mind wants to just stop, but a majority of my mind is in 6th gear right now. I wish my mind was more united, especially with my body. I working on it though. I choose to drown out the sounds of weakness by hitting a tighter flip-turn at every wall, streamlining into a powerful stroke until i hear nothing but the roar of the water beneath and behind me. I'm so thankful to be where i am in swimming right now. I know that most people i compete against have been swimming their whole lives, versus someone with just over 4 years of experience. Honestly though, theres no way i'm slowing down. I'm in this all the way, until i'm standing on that 1st Place box with a gold medal in my hand. Even then who's to say i'm going to slow down. London 2012. See You Soon.

P.S.: I find it helps to swim with a song in my head. Heres the latest
 This ones called Square One Here i Come:  
And one by my all time favorite group of people: 21st Century

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